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AnTracks works perfect.

I am very impressed with what your system can do. I think it is brilliant.

The program is working really well for me and is quite easy to use.

I'm really impressed that AnTracks does so well given the poor video quality.

The AnTracks data is so much better than what we used before.

AnTracks is a gazillion times faster than [...] and blob finding in AnTracks is much better.

I feel so lucky to be able to extract these trajectories from the video data; I cannot overstate how powerful this tool is for investigating many of my current research questions.

This software is really great!!!

I've looked at the videos several times now and they are amazing! The ability of your algorithm to track those three ants in the middle, two of which are exchanging food and the third is grooming the second, clinches it for me.

Things are very well explained, and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. So far it's a lot of fun!

I've been continuing to analyze video data from [...], and AnTracks has been working incredibly well!

It looks like it is working really well. What a cool program!

I am really impressed how well the tracking went given the avoidable faults with the video, the brood and the close proximity of some of the ants.

AnTracks is such a powerful tool.

AnTracks is so cool! I really love the histogram and spectrum parts.

I was hugely impressed by the tracking of the ants in one of the videos [...] sent you. Marvelous!