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Tracking of Ants in the Lab Arena

Applying AnTracks in the lab environment:
About 30 ants are individually tracked in a high-density environment, and in the presence of brood items and frequent social interactions. These data are part of a project with Dr. Ana Sendova-Franks (UWE, Bristol, UK), Prof. Kim Christensen (Imperial College, UK) and Prof. Nigel Franks (University of Bristol, UK). Data used with friendly permission.

Ants in the lab arena.

The ants in the lab arena are easily visible, but the brood items (green) and frequent social interactions (red) render unambiguous tracking a challenge.


The trajectories of all ants after automated processing of a short video fragment. The color encodes start the trajectory time, from green (start) to red (end).


Social interactions between ants can be investigated using the AnTracks Data Analyzer module.

A short video of this project is also featured as Demonstration Video.